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REBIRTH COMMUNITY Virtual School & Support Center


Rebirth, Inc., a local registered nonprofit, located in Salisbury, Maryland is operating a Virtual technology, learning & support center for vulnerable populations. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools in our communities closed for in-person learning and continue to offer only virtual learning for many students. This situation has caused the most disadvantaged students to fall behind their peers of higher socioeconomic status. Rebirth has opened a center 225 N Division St, Salisbury, MD 21801 to provide access to virtual classrooms, tutoring and homework assistance for children in the community whose families lack the technology and skills to continue learning, virtually from home. Additionally, many families do not have access to the internet, or enough bandwidth to support virtual learning. For many families in our community, Spanish and Creole is their primary language, creating a barrier to understanding the process of virtual school formats. The Hispanic and Haitian communities have been deeply affected by the pandemic and are the most vulnerable to falling further behind in their education.

We help parents register their children to school, set up with any health issues that they are facing and refer them to the appropriate agency.


Health EDUCATION & Safety Training

Rebirth carry on its education, advocacy and outreach activities around the Delmarva area since the inception of the COVID 19.

We had been and still in the middle of the Covid-19 on our FCC licensed community base radio station to educate, inform, share the news about the Covid, such as.

We brought in healthcare experts and local officials in our studio to talk to the community about these topics:

  1. what is Covid?

  2. How can people protect themselves?

  3. What is community spread?

  4. How can people protect themselves?

  5. What does CDC say about it?

  6. What should people do if they get sick or someone in their household?

  7. How can people prepare for COVID -19 at work?

  8. What are the symptoms?

  9. Where should people get tested?

  10. What is contact tracing? 

  11. Mitigating the fear of the Covid 19 Vaccination 

    1. Stop, inform and educate about misinformation on Covid-19 vaccin

    2. inform and educate about conspiration theory

    3. Where and when to take the vaccine


Learning Objectives
● Identify how chemicals enter the body
● Recognize the risks of chemical exposure and the health effects
● Understand ways workers can protect themselves from chemical exposure
● Identify the Personal Protection Equipment according to occupation
Key Points
● Chemicals can enter the body through (exposure routes) eyes, mouth, nose and skin.
● Factors that influence the effect of a chemical include: age, gender, size, tolerance, interaction with other chemical, dose or how much, time or how long and health status.
● Workers can protect themselves from chemical exposure.


Radio Station

WRBY|Radio OASIS 100.5FM
The voice, the ear and the gate to our community | is bridging the gap.Have you ever wondered how to access/top into the Haitian community? Well look no further!

Mission: The mission of WRBY-LP-FM 100.5 is to serve, inform, educate, inspire, and entertain the diverse populations, specially those who are overlooked or under-represented by other media outlets.  in the Community of Salisbury (Wicomico County) by providing a diverse program of music, news and information consistent with the Community interests and public affairs programming that encourages a greater understanding of the human differences and cultural pluralism within the Salisbury (Wicomico communities) and the larger world we live in. Through its programming, WRBY-LP 100.5 will serve as a bridge from the Salisbury, MD to the surrounding communities. As such, it is important that everyone understands that, programming on WRBY-LP 100.5 is a privilege, not a right, and they have certain responsibilities.


Opiod Outreach


An active collaboration effort (Greater New Hope Church & Ministries, First Church of God, Men for Change, Rebirth) to increase access to prevention, treatment, and recovery support services in the Caroline County to those who deal with substance use related conditions and general addictions.
We provide Peer Support (one on one & group setting) to connect people struggling with use and addiction with real help that is available 7 days a week. Call us at 410-754-4299.
We provide FREE transportation to individuals who cannot find their way to appointments, recovery meetings and treatment centers all throughout Caroline County.


Translating & Interpreting

Stay tune for more info


Backpacks Giveaway


Back to School Backpacks Giveaway
Donated to the hard to reach community
We have given away over 140 backpacks to the low income, never and hard to reach immigrants kids.
Go out on the community, reaching out to some targeted families, churches,  & small events.
Life changing experience, 2020 goal is 1000. We had a lot of children that we had not reached
Your supports & donations are greatly appreciated.


Soccer Clinic

Soccer For The Rest Of Us/Summer Camp & After School
That is a program that was created by my brother (Nahim and I)We feel that Soccer in the U.S has became more like a classic sport, like Golf or Tennis. We believe that every child should have his/her chance in trying out for the sport, maybe that will be his/her way in getting a scholarship to a college or University or maybe to a national league or the national team, that’s why we Introduced the Soccer Game to the Under-privileged Children whose parents can’t afford to send to soccer schools, Private coaches, Soccer Camps etc. How do we want to do it? Everyday after school the kids being dropped on, some are pick up to our local soccer field. 


Flag Day Heritage Celebration 


Cultural Heritage Celebration of Flag Day
Rebirth has been organized Community Event with over a thousand attended   
Take place @ City Parks & Downtown Salisbury, A family friendly festival that brings over a thousand people together, for celebration and networking, it’s been going on for six years.
The Haitian Heritage Month celebration is an expansion of the Haitian Flag Day, a major patriotic day celebration in Haiti and the Diaspora. Haitian President Dumarsais Estimé started the Flag Day celebration with parades, cultural and athletic events in many cities in Haiti in the 1930s, when he was minister of education under President Sténio Vincent. Estime wanted to commemorate annually the creation of the Haitian flag on May 18 to encourage the development of patriotic sentiments among Haitian youth.



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financial literacy

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