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Our Courrent Programs & Services

What have we been doing?

Soccer For The Rest Of Us/Summer Camp & After School

That is a program that was created by my brother (Nahim and I)We feel that Soccer in the U.S has became more like a classic sport, like Golf or Tennis. We believe that every child should have his/her chance in trying out for the sport, maybe that will be his/her way in getting a scholarship to a college or University or maybe to a national league or the national team, that’s why we Introduced the Soccer Game to the Under-privileged Children whose parents can’t afford to send to soccer schools, Private coaches, Soccer Camps etc. How do we want to do it? Everyday after school the kids being dropped on, some are pick up to our local soccer field. Now we just do it on a part time basis, on the weekend only for the Kid age 3-16 at Brown St Field & Everyday for 17 and up at Dover Dale Park and sometime at Brown St; however we need your help right away, so we can keep up with the activities of the program. Assist youth to succeed through after-school and weekend programs, parent liaison services, tutoring/Mentoring services that address social adjustment, academic, recreational, cultural enrichment and/or intergenerational needs of the youth. We’ll teach them the basic Creole/Spanish. We mentor and help them with any homework and give a snack and go onto the field for soccer practice. We teach them the Game Structures, Disciplines, Rules, & Technics of the game, that keeps them in shape, and speak about obesity awareness. It also helps deter the children and young men and women from bad ways, behaviors, companies, and keep them busy from making stupid mistakes or crimes.. This Program still need Funding in order for us to launch it.

Summer Camp /Soccer Clinic

25-40 kids, 4days a week, 9am-2pm, teach the basics of the game, manners, exercises & healthy living. Promote recreational, cultural enrichment and/or intergenerational needs of the youth. Partnered with Park & Rec. Launched, but Needs Sponsors

We are part of coalition of Haitian groups and churches and we work closely with individuals serving Latino immigrants. Many immigrants in this region face numerous barriers due to language differences and discrimination. Immigrants are also impacted by poverty and trauma. For instance, in Wicomico County alone, there are 2,000 Haitian immigrants that fled Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, notwithstanding thousands others who have been living there before them. They lost everything and are trying to start over.

Both my brother and I are immigrants. We came to Salisbury, MD in 1992 from Haiti and neither of us spoke a word of English. I was 17 and went to the James M. Bennett High School  (JMB) and was helped by our English Language Learner (ELL) program, but I still experienced social exclusion in a number of ways. My brother is younger than I am. When he attended JMB, he already spoke English and was a star soccer player.  Being on the school soccer team helped Nahum greatly. However, unlike some of the other kids on the team, accessing a college soccer program was not possible for him.  There were simply too many barriers.


Our experience in this community as adolescent teens impacted us. We understand what it means to be excluded. We are familiar with the barriers that so many immigrants face.  We are dismayed that soccer is becoming so hard to access for immigrant kids when it is such an important part of their culture. As part of our vision for Rebirth, Inc., we organized soccer programs, including a summer camp for about 25 children  and helped run an adult league. However, Rebirth, Inc. could not maintain these programs alone.  The limited support from the county dried up.  More importantly, the county got rid of the majority of the public soccer fields.  The few fields remaining are in terrible shape and are not safe for kids.


We feel we can address social isolation through soccer in the proposed program because together we can make it happen, but alone we can not.  We are excited to be a part of demonstrating the success of the proposed model and working to make it sustainable. Specifically for the project, Rebirth Inc. will:


  • Create an advisory committee

  • Assist with program design and implementation including:

    • Recruiting participants

    • Using the Rebirth radio station to promote the project

    • Partnering with Salisbury United Soccer Club to organize the youth summer camp and league as well as the adult league

    • Developing curriculum

    • Engaging community partners to assist with sustainability


This project offers an important opportunity to give soccer back to the immigrant community and pave the way for better social inclusion among immigrant youth.


5th yr in the making, bring together an average of 1000 people

A traditional Haitian Cultural Heritage Community celebration of the flag, with marching, parade, & more, held at local City Parks: Doverdale, Billy Gene and Downtown Salisbury as well.


Adult Soccer Club

Family & kids friendly activity for the immigrants & non-immigrants alike.

Mentoring and coaching the next generation of soccer players.


Enriching Kids Soccer Clinic

Soccer for the rest of Us

Youth Summer Soccer camp & After School for 3 years at Doverdale Park. Partnered with Parks & Rec. The idea is to teach them the real skills and disciplines of the game, and the opportunity to access their full potential whether in college or professionally.

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