Calm   After the Storm


Who We Are...

  • An active collaboration effort (Greater New Hope Church & Ministries, First Church of God, Men for Change, Rebirth) to increase access to prevention, treatment, and recovery support services in the Caroline County to those who deal with substance use related conditions and general addictions.

  • We provide Peer Support (one on one & group setting) to connect people struggling with use and addiction with real help that is available 7 days a week. Call us at 410-754-4299.

  • We provide FREE transportation to individuals who cannot find their way to appointments, recovery meetings and treatment centers all throughout Caroline County.

  • We provide Peer Support Specialists and Community Health Workers (English, Creole, and Spanish speaking) available to help and provide a safe place to meet others to make it possible to build friendships and support networks.

  • Most of our support groups and activities occur at wellness & recovery centers located at First Church of God (Federalsburg) and Greater New Hope Church (Preston). We also host events in various locations throughout Caroline County.

  • FREE! ARC of Hope does not require insurance or referral to attend/participate. Everyone is welcome!

  • Our Team – Employees and volunteers have personal experience in what it is like to live with a substance use or addiction issue. We have overcome many obstacles and believe that anyone else can too! This allows us to offer peer support through our own lived experiences.

Opiod Outreach, Education and Treatment

Minority Outreach Technical Assistance (MOTA)

State Opiod Response

The opioid crisis has struck Caroline County hard in the past few years. Addiction and sometimes death has reached into every part of our county. It has no respecter of age, race or creed. We have felt the pain and experienced the devastation. ARC stands for Active Recovery Center of Hope. Based here in Caroline County, we are focusing on the prevention, recovery and treatment for family and friends who are wrestling with substance abuse disorders. Our goal is to connect people struggling with addiction with real help that is here in our county 7 days a week. Sometimes a lack of transportation stands in the way of people breaking away from their addiction. There is no way to get to the doctor or facility that can provide care. The ARC of Hope will provide free transportation to individuals who cannot find their way to appointments, recovery meetings and treatment centers all throughout Caroline County.

The goal of the ARC of Hope is that we will help connect those who are suffering from substance abuse disorders in our minority communities with medical professionals who can diagnose and treat the addiction process. Our Peer Support Specialists will be available to help those navigating the path of freedom from opioids in both English and Creole.