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COVID-19 / Health Haitian Creole Resources | Resous Kreyòl Ayisyen

Diversity is the  Symptom, lack of Inclusion is the Illness, by Devika S.






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We support our local vulnerable population, specially the immigrants, low income, agriculture and farm workers communities. Poultry workers are on the frontline helping as essential workers They are and have been impacted greatly by COVID 19.  We reach out to them in the poultry plants and doing outreach in our community.

Rebirth carry on its education, advocacy and outreach activities around the Delmarva area since the inception of the COVID 19. We help people register to take the Covid-19 Vaccine, set up with any health issues that they are facing and refer them to the appropriate health provider or agency. We had been and still in the middle of the Covid-19 on our FCC licensed community base radio station to educate, inform,  share the news about the Covid, such as.

We brought in healthcare experts and local officials in our studio to talk about these topics.

  1. what is Covid?

  2. How can people protect themselves?

  3. What is community spread?

  4. How can people protect themselves?

  5. What does CDC say about it?

  6. What should people do if they get sick or someone in their household?

  7. How can people prepare for COVID -19 at work?

  8. What are the symptoms?

  9. Where should people get tested?

  10. What is contact tracing? 

  11. Mitigating the fear of the Covid 19 Vaccination 

    1. Stop, inform and educate about misinformation on Covid-19 vaccin

    2. inform and educate about conspiration theory

    3. Where and when to take the vaccine

We drove around the cities and county to pass on flyers, talk to the community about Covid and go on 9 different testing sites to help with translating, interpreting and contact tracing. From those particular outreaches we have reached and we touched over 2000 people.

Attached is our documented link for one of our event, please feel free to check it out and ask any question.

The One Stop Shop Community Events has been held for several times a month, some of them led by Rebirth Inc and coordinated by the local Vulnerable Population Task Force along with many other amazing people and organizations from the Salisbury-Wicomico area. This event was able to put valuable resources and information in the hands of community members who need them; such as rental assistance, Census registration, medical testing, insurance registration, job opportunity as well as provide masks, hand sanitizer, food, school registration assistance, and more for the community.

We are glad to say that we have served over 300 community members, and we are looking forward for several events like this.

We are glad to say, that we have served over 300 community members, 90% poultry worker, Haitians and Latinos and the 10% are other ethnics.

Yes we did meet difficulties, with some people were not wearing a mask and keep social distancing. We had to ask several of our volunteers to help keep the order, make sure people follow the CDC guideline.

The plan is to keep working and looking for more opportunities to keep on going in the community and doing the outreach to the Immigrants, vulnerable, low income and people of color.


Asistans Finerè COVID-19: Sa vle di Si w gen yon moun ki mouri ak viris la, gouvènman ap ranbouse ou anviwon $7000.

Paske Pandemi COVID-19 la pote anpil chagren nan lavi anpil fanmi. Misyon FEMA se pou ede moun anvan, pandan epi aprè dezas. Yo angaje yo pou ede soulaje kèk nan strès finansyè ak fado viris la te koze.


Souple klike la a pou plis enfòmasyon an Kreyòl


Ici pour Français


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One Stop Shop Evènman Kominotè

Evènman Kominote One Stop Shop Rebirth la te fèt Dimanch 12 Jiyè @ Dover Dale Park, ki te dirije pa Rebirth Inc ak kowòdone pa Fòs Travay Popilasyon vilnerab lokal la ansanm ak anpil lòt moun etonan ak òganizasyon ki soti nan zòn nan Salisbury-Wicomico. Evènman sa a te kapab mete bonjan resous ak enfòmasyon nan men manm kominote ki bezwen yo; tankou asistans pou lokasyon, enskripsyon resansman, tès medikal, enskripsyon asirans, opòtinite travay kòm byen ke bay mask, dezenfektan men, manje, asistans enskripsyon lekòl, ak plis ankò pou kominote a.



Organizationsganizasyon yo ki te enstrimantal nan fè kominote sa a menm posib: Medyasyon Kominote Tri, te adopte yon blòk, Way United nan Lower Eastern Shore, Habita pou limanite nan Konte Wicomico, Penensil Rejyonal Sant Medikal, Konte Wicomico Patenarya pou Fanmi ak Timoun, 50K Nanm, Manje Tyson, Resansman Salisbury-Wicomico 2020, Vil Salisbury, MD, Relasyon Katye, Lekòl Leta Wicomico County, Patnè Priyorite, WOLC, Delmarva COVID Crafters ak anpil lòt moun.

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